Growth Factors and Small Molecules

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A modular range of tools for analysis and detection of exosomes

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Cell Guidance Systems provides a wide range of high quality bioactive molecules for cell culture applications. The company manufactures growth factors in their own labs in Cambridge. Cellgs growth factors are qualitatively and functionally tested, and frequently benchmarked against leading brands. Cellgs small molecules are of the highest quality and very competitively priced.
Stem cell proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation are regulated by a range of molecular mechanisms. Growth factors, transcription factors, and other components of signal transduction pathways all combine to coordinate cell behaviour. These signaling pathways can be modulated by naturally occurring and synthetic small molecules which bind to individual components of the pathway. When binding causes modification of the target molecule’s activity, the pathway can be disrupted. By targeting a particular pathway, it is possible to enhance stem cell proliferation and direct cell fate decisions. Cell Guidance Systems offers a growing range of bioactive small molecules at high levels of purity.

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