NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up XS

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Highly efficient clean-up and concentration of RNA samples

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Highly efficient clean-up and concentration of RNA samples

• Complete removal of RT-PCR inhibitors

• Very high RNA recovery and concentration

• RNA clean-up from pre-purified RNA (phenol / chloroform), enzymatic reactions
(e.g., amplification reactions, labeling reactions, DNase digestions)

• Time-saving procedure based on NucleoSpin® RNA XS technology

• Input volume up to 300 μL

• Elution in as little as 5 μL

  • Kit contents :
    • NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up XS Columns with Collection Tubes, Collection Tubes (2 mL), Collection Tubes (1.5 mL), buffers
  • Reference numbers :

    • 10 preps: 740903.10
    • 50 preps: 740903.50
    • 250 preps: 740903.250
  • Product accessories :
    • rDNase Set, recombinant DNase and Reaction Buffer for rDNase, sufficient for 50 Mini preps of total RNA, 740963

  • RNA clean-up of
    • Pre-purified RNA (e.g., with TRIzol®)
    • DNase digestions (e.g., with MACHEREY-NAGEL rDNase Set)
    • Reaction mixtures
    • Up to 55-fold increase in concentration
    • Typical downstream applications: enzymatic labeling reactions, RT-PCR, DNA/RNA-based chip hybridization

The NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up XS kit is designed for clean-up and concentration of pre-purified RNA samples. Typical sample material covers picogramm to microgramm amounts of pre-purified RNA (e.g., phenol-purified RNA) and RNA from reaction mixtures (e.g., DNase treated samples).
The innovative column design with a funnel shaped thrust ring and a small silica membrane area allows processing of sample volumes of up to 300 µL and elution of RNA in as little as 5–30 µL. Thus, highly concentrated RNA is eluted, ready-to-use for sensitive downstream applications (e.g., RT-PCR). RNA enrichment of 20x up to 50x can be achieved. The RNA recovery is typically about 85–95%.

High quality RNA (RNA Integrity Number (RIN) > 9 according to Agilent 2100 Bioanylzer assays) can be obtained from high quality RNA samples. The RIN of the processed sample is typically equal (±0.3) to the RIN of the input sample.
The NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up XS kit allows clean-up and concentration of RNA with an A260/A280 ratio generally exceeding 1.9. Due to the high RNA purity large amounts of eluates can successfully be used as template in RT-PCR without inhibition.

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