NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up

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Simple, fast, and convenient clean-up of RNA

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Simple, fast, and convenient clean-up of RNA

• Complete removal of RT-PCR inhibitors

• Time-saving procedure based on NucleoSpin® RNA, without DNase digestions and homogenization steps

• RNA clean-up from pre-purified RNA (phenol/chloroform), enzymatic reactions
(e.g. amplification reactions, labeling reactions)

• Silica-membrane technology

• Ratio A260/A280= 1.9-2.1

• Elution volume= 40-120 ul

  • Kit contents :
    • NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up Columns with Collection Tubes,  Collection Tubes (2 mL), Collection Tubes (1.5 mL), buffers
  • Reference numbers :

    • 10 preps: 740948.10
    • 50 preps: 740948.50
    • 250 preps: 740948.250
  • Product accessories :

    • rDNase Set
    • recombinant DNase and Reaction Buffer for rDNase, sufficient for 50 Mini preps of total RNA, 740963

  • RNA clean-up of:
    • Pre-purified RNA (e.g., Trizol®)
    • Reaction mixtures
    • Amino-allyl-mRNA
    • Biotinylated RNA
    • RNA isolation from up to 105 cultured cells (whenever co-purification of some genomic DNA is acceptable,kit does not contain rDNase)
    • Typical downstream applications: enzymatic labeling reactions, RT-PCR, DNA/RNA-based chip hybridizations

NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up kits are recommended for the clean-up of total RNA from RNA preparations which contain inacceptable amounts of RT-PCR inhibitors, often found in for example RNA prepared with phenol-chloroform based methods. It is further recommended for the isolation of RNA from small amounts of cultured cells whenever copurification of some genomic DNA is acceptabel. For the isolation of RNA from cells and tissue with lowest DNA contamination of the isolated RNA we recommend rDNase containing NucleoSpin® RNA kits. The kits allow purification of pure RNA with an A260/A280 ratio generally exceeding 1.9 (measured in TE buffer (pH 7.5)).

NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up kits are further recommended for the clean-up of RNA from enzymatic reactions like in vitro transcribed RNA, amplification reactions (e.g., ExpressArt® Amino-Allyl-mRNA Amplification Kit, artus GmbH, Hamburg, Germany), biotinylated RNA or fluorescent (Cy dye) labeled RNA.

The purified RNA is ready to use for applications like enzymatic labelling reactions (e.g., dye incorporation), reverse transcriptase-PCR* (RT-PCR*), and for DNA/RNA based chip hybridisations (e.g., MWG rat microarray, MWG, Ebersberg, Germany or Human Genome U133A Array, Affymetrix, USA).

Integrity of purified RNA, originally isolated from e.g. eukaryotic cells, is examined by denaturing agarose gel electrophoresis: rRNA bands are sharp, with the 28S band being about twice as intense as the 18S band.

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