Our History

Bahar Tashkhis Teb Co

Bahar Tashkhis Teb is a well known company in Iranian research and medical laboratory market. This company was established in 1999 and since then as the exclusive representative for Germany’s MN (http://www.mn-net.com/), Spain’s Conda (https://www.condalab.com/) and ABT (https://www.abtbeads.es/) and started to work with the aim of providing better laboratory services and presenting the most up-to-date technology in the world to Iranian scientists. Enjoying from experienced scientific staff, choosing advanced technology in the world and selecting reputable companies, we have a close connection with many academic centers, research and laboratory institutions, together with activities in scientific and medical diagnosis laboratories. We are proud to be recognized as a well-known and trustworthy company in scientific, academic and research centers. In this regard, choosing the company and checking its capabilities, evaluating the quality of the goods, and adapting it to the needs of our country, and in the meantime, giving the optimum post-preliminary services and offering suitable guarantee are the main principles and commitments of Bahar Tashkhis Teb Company. We are honored to be the distributor of products related to labarotary tests, microbiological culture media; urine multiparameters test strips; DNA, RNA extraction kits, protein and antibody purification resins all over the country. Some of our products and services are as follows: "Dehydrated Culture Media"; ISO-formulated media and custom-made media for many different industrial and clinical applications; Agar and peptones; Agarose; ; . Our goal is to provide the best products from the most prominent producers in the world for our clients