Supporting Start-Up

We are a biotech company and interested in research and development



Bahar Tashkhis Teb Co., is excited to expand its offerings and assist more innovative entrepreneurs by creating a new division: Ventures at Bahar Tashkhis Teb; BTT
Ventures at BTT aims to incubate breakthrough scientific ideas and to support entrepreneurs in their early stages. BTT offers scientific expertise, business development, grant submission assistance, networking opportunities, and early / seed stage investments.

 If you have a new idea BTT would be delighted to hear from you               

:Support and Development Plan "Research to a successful startup" of Bahar Tashkhis Teb Co.

 From idea to product, from product to production and from production to sales

The call for research professors of universities, students with research projects or ideas, independent technology teams, accelerators and research centers, R&D unit of innovative companies
Supported research fields:
• Consumer products, devices and medical diagnostic devices (chromatographic resins, treated surfaces, device parts and modules, etc.)
• Biological and chemical diagnostic kits (toxicity kits, hematology, etc.)
• Optimal culture medium and cell culture requirements (microbial and non-microbial) with appropriate level of technical knowledge
• Smart biosensors, microfluidics, etc.
• Chemical, materials and structure designed technologic products or laboratory and hospital consumables
Supporting fields:
• production and research Assistance
• cost support of producing an MVP or prototype
• Mentoring, technical and market-oriented consulting
• Assist in setting the FS and BP of the project
• Support and assistance in creating/finding a production platform and participating in production• market development and helping sure for sales

Submission deadline: until March 20th year 2021, sooner submission has higher priority.